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The classification based on Hath Yoga is as followed:

Sahita Kumbhaka
It enables us to control our hunger-thirst and also keep our mind calm.

Surya Bhedi
The inhalation through the right nostril and exhaling through the left helps in better digestion.

We simply breathe through nose and exhale. It also helps to improve our digestion and nervous system.

In this Pranayama you have to fold your tongue and let it come out a little and then breathe. This will inhale cool air and it will cool your body too.

The simple exercise of inhaling and exhaling continuously with pausing in between will help improve your lungs and nervous system.

Closing ear canals with both the thumbs with index fingers on the forehead you close your eyes and mouth too. Now inhale the maximum amount of air and with closed mouth recitate om. This will help improve your mind, eyes and ears and your concentration will be better.

This is the ultimate form of controlling your breathe for a long time and then exhaling. Only experts should do it. It helps to reach the unconscious state of being.

In this exercise, we stop inhaling and exhaling for a good time which helps to improve our concentration power.
Apart from these, the two most important exercises which are very common in practice and are also preached by very famous pioneer of modern Yoga, Swami Ramdev ji, are as followed:

Kapal Bhati.
In this exercise you have to exert pressure on the stomach to exhale all the air inside your lungs. This will help improve your digestive and nervous system. Your face glow up and you will feel very positive about your body. Blood pleasure gets better and problems of diabetes and fat reduce drastically with regular practice of this exercise. To start with, you should perform it for 2 minutes at least and then carry it forward till 5-10 minutes.

Anulom Vilom.
To start with the inhalation of air from left nostril and exhale it from the right and vice-versa. This will improve your nostril problem and the eyesight improves with time. Mind becomes peaceful and you feel freshness in thoughts and acts.

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