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Yoga for Illness

Yoga for Illness
Regular practice of yoga is found to be effective in treating a number or medical conditions/illnesses in addition to promoting positive state of health and well-being. It is not possible to list here all the conditions in which yiga can be effectively used, a number of conditions are listed below

Yoga for Asthma

What is Asthma?
It is an allergic reaction, which manifests itself by spasmodic contraction that narrows bronchial tubes and swells the lining epithelium.

How yoga helps in Asthma?
As specified above Asthma is the result of an infection and it can cause inflammation also. Severity of infection depends upon both immunity and cleanliness of the respiratory tract and related organs.

There is some experimental evidence that yoga improves immunity (Singh, & Bera, 2004). Yoga is found effective not only for cleansing respiratory tracts and organs, but also the whole body and mind. Regular cleansing of body including respiratory tract, through yoga, does not allow germs to remain in respiratory tract, thus, avoids infection.
Research work supports that yoga kriyas helps the asthmatics to clean and train the respiratory tract against allergic attacks. Pranayamas with proportionate kumbhakas are found to be effective in respiratory disorders.
Asthma is aggravated by stressful situations and the effects of yoga on stress are well documented and established on all areas.

Chronic back pain
It is one of the commonest ailments that humanity today is having. This is a global problem, not confined to any locality. A number of alternative therapies are used for it and yoga is one of the most effective among them. Different forms of yoga that uses postures are found to be quite effective in treating lower back pain. It works by correcting spinal slumping, relaxing muscles and affecting the muscle tone to the optimal. It also corrects the posture.

High Blood Pressure/Hypertension:
It is one of the most common lifestyle ailments affecting about 20 percent of the population in America. There are many factors that contribute to it some are- obesity, stress, smoking & drinking and eating habits. Yoga is found to reduce high blood pressure by affecting the body system directly as well as by affecting other factors that influence it.

Cardiovascular Problems:
Cardiovascular problems, a form of lifestyle disease are one of the leading causes of deaths and disability, today. Chronic artery disease is one of them. Yogasanas, pranayam and meditation are found to have a curing effect on these problems. Yogic diet also plays an important role in affecting the course of cardiovascular problems. In studies it has been found that people practicing yoga after undergoing cardiovascular surgery have fewer chances of having a heart attack again and lesser chances of dying within two years after surgery in comparison to people not practicing it.

Sleep Problems:
We are well aware of the term insomnia and most of us have experienced at some or the other time. Yoga promotes sleep by affecting the bodily arousal and creating a relaxed state. Both physical postures and meditation are found to be effective

Addiction Problems: Alcohol, drug and nicotine Dependence
In many studies it has been found that yoga plays an effective role in treating additions. In one study Vipasana, a form of meditation that focuses on acceptance rather than suppression of thoughts and emotions is found to be effective in treating these addictions. Other forms of yoga are also found to be effective as it focuses on self-awareness, self-restraint and behavioral regulation.

Depression is one of the most common mental health problems seen in mental health settings and primary care, both. The disability caused by depressive disorder is enormous and even compares with cardiovascular disorders. It has an impact on economy by reducing productivity and absenteeism. Almost 20 percent people have it at some or other point of life. Sudarshan yoga is proved to be effective in the treatment of depression in few Indian studies. There are studies showing the effectiveness of other forms of yoga, also.

It is also one of the most common life style diseases like cardiovascular problems. It complicates the situation of cardiovascular problems if it is present with them. Practice of yogasanas (yogic postures), meditation and use of yogic diet is found to be effective in the management of diabetes. It has been documented in many scientific studies.

Obesity is one of the commonest ailments of the modern times. It is mostly a result of life style factors. It has bearing on other health problems like cardiovascular problems, hypertension and diabetes to name a few. Yoga considers mind, body and spirit as one and interventions are multifold focusing on mind, body and spirit. In this process, it modifies the life style factors like physical activity, use of smoking and alcohol, diet etc in an individual's life. This modification of lifestyle factors result in the reduction of obesity.

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